By Bob Gage

Pikeminnow Publishing 2.99 140 pages

Freedom in Grey is the story of a man finding his way in a new home after his marriage and job both go belly-up. Lewis moves from northern California to Portland, Oregon and begins building a new life near his writer sister, his artist mother, and a host of eccentric characters that offer him the opportunity to discover the man he was truly supposed to be. Author Bob Gage’s tale is a coming-of-age story that speaks to the heart of every person who is or has struggled with finding themselves, and proves that you can always find your true spirit no matter what your age. When Gage makes a nod to Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, you begin to see pieces of Christopher McCandless’ story in Lewis, and even in his sister Christina. Lewis goes on a journey in Freedom in Grey, and Gage’s writing pulls you in to the tale.

Broken into pieces that tell different parts of the journey, the story is a well-written soul-catcher that makes the reader keep turning the pages. Gage’s details about Lewis’ marriage, his affair, and everything that comes after makes the reader feel as if Lewis is sitting across the table at his favorite Portland brewery, telling them the tale over a pint. Gage’s true understanding of the vibe of the city of Portland rings through in every sentence, making Freedom in Grey not only a good read for anyone in search of themselves or their path, but for anyone who loves the Pacific Northwest and all that the Rose City has to offer.

Reviewed By Melissa Boles

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