By Tracie Peterson
Bethany House, $14.99, 350 pages

The year is 1887, March, East Texas and it seems that lately all is going wrong for Deborah Vandermark, the heroine of Hope Rekindled by Tracie Peterson. In the rush of wedding preparations, her fiance  Dr. Christopher Kelleher, receives a telegram about family tragedy and leaves for Kansas City.  A week later he returns with five siblings whom he cannot abandon after the death of their parents in a home fire. Deborah, who isn’t certain about having her own children because she has a dream of becoming a doctor by herself doesn’t know how to react.

Besides this, Stuart Albright, who owns practically everything in their small town, hates her; he wants revenge because Deborah persuaded Lizzie, his former fiancée, to leave him at the altar. Now Lizzie is happily married to Deborah’s brother. So, Stuart is determined to destroy not only Deborah, but all her family.

Tracie Peterson gives her usual very vivid and persuasive picture of a hard life in a small southern town. The Vandermark’s family put their hope in God’s hands. The reader will be eager to find out how it is all resolved. They will get the answers but not until the last page.

Reviewed By Galina Roizman

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