Night of the White Deer3.5stars



An Offbeat Modern Folktale

By Jack Bushnell, Illustrated by Miguel Co

Tanglewood Publishing, $16.95, 32 pages

Some folks say the white deer is a fallen star come to life, some say she was born out of spilled milk and tornado winds. Some even say she’s just make believe, but one young boy knows the white deer real. He once traveled with her to her home in the blazing lights of the aurora borealis. Up in the night sky, the two of them met red gazelles, black elk, and other sparkling creatures. It was a beautiful journey and the boy is sure it was real. His brother doesn’t believe him, but his father is another story.

Night of the White Deer is an offbeat folktale that falls somewhere between whimsical and strange. Simple and direct, the storytelling leaves almost everything to the imagination and gives the book an odd but genuine charm.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Goss

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