A Sweet, Quirky Exploration of Color

By Ramona Badescu, Illustrated by Benjamin Chaud
Enchanted Lions Books, $15.95, 120 pages

Pomelo Explores Color is a beautifully illustrated picture book for toddlers and the preschool crowd. A companion book to Pomelo Begins to Grow, this delightful read follows Pomelo, the garden elephant, as he discovers the wonderful world of color. Pomelo explores the vast colors of the rainbow and all the varieties of shades (and interpretations) in between – from “the silent white of the blank page” to the “foamy white of hot milk” and “the promising red of ripening strawberries” to “the hypnotizing red of love.” Badescu begins with all the hues of white, and then travels up the color spectrum before fading out to grays and blacks. Pomelo’s friends Gigi (a snail) and Rita (a frog) make appearances throughout and the lively illustrations practically bounce off the page as Pomelo examines all the diverse color hues and the occasionally complex emotions that they evoke. Whimsical and fun, this inventive picture book shows children how to view color in an entirely new way.

Reviewed By Laura Di Giovine

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