A Tongue In Cheek Guide to the Rose City


By Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
Grand Central Publishing 16.99 192 pages

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have been spinning comic gold for two hilarious seasons on IFC with Portlandia, a tongue-in-cheek, loving spoof of the City of Roses. Their comic sketches have attracted a cult following, so it was only natural that they should turn their hit cable television show into a book. That effort, Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors, has successfully transplanted all the quirky charm from the show into a paperback that will leave you longing for next season more than ever.

“This book was printed on 130% recycled paper in a peanut-free, smoke-free plant by local workers in a friendly and fair environment, free of sudden noise and unnatural light.”

Like the cable series, the book is structured on humor that will appeal to both been-there-seen-that locals, and folks who have never been to Portland before. Like any “real” visitor’s guide, this one contains information on the hottest eateries (the dumpster behind the Mexican joint on the corner of NW Lovejoy and 21st), shops (Simply Hideous Shoes), and other area attractions (East Side Muffler). There are helpful extras like a chart for deciphering bike signals, a listing of projected dog parks in the year 2016, and road signs unique to Portland. While this may not be a true visitor’s guide to Portland, it perfectly captures the heart of the sketch comedy series and is a humorous look at Oregon’s largest city.

Reviewed By Mark Petruska

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