Rose Petals3star




By Simin Pitts

AuthorHouse, $16.95, 195 pages

Rose Petals is about an Iranian woman who struggles for independence in a male dominated society where women are not valued. The novel begins with the forced parting of a mother and daughter by the will of a cruel ex-husband. The novel takes a journey through the author’s life and her struggle to make a new start, while also trying to find a way back to her daughter. The novel reveals a woman’s physical and spiritual achievement through some of the most heinous impediments.

This book has a remarkable story line that observes the life and struggles of Middle Eastern women and often leaves readers feeling torn apart on behalf of the author. However, the author Simin Pitts, does tend to be repetitive throughout the novel, not quite getting to the next stage of the story. Pitts’ tendency to be vague takes away from the reader’s emotions toward the story. Very few character names were used in the novel; instead “sister” or “mother” would be used. This sometimes made it hard to follow who was who. Overall, the story was a very emotional one, but the lack of detail took away from a reader’s experience.

Reviewed By Lindy Gervin

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