It’s Hard To Be A Parent When Your Kid Has The Force

By Jeffrey Brown

Chronicle Children’s 14.95 64 pages

You would think that having The Force to back you up would make parenting easier. Darth Vader and Son is the Star Wars 3-1/2, where Darth Vader has to care for his young son Luke. Obviously, this is not canon, but it really doesn’t matter. This explores in a very comedic way what would have happened if Darth Vader had raised Luke. Almost every major Star Wars character makes an appearance, and it pays to pay attention to what is happening in the background. This is something every geek needs in their collection.

This is a very comedic take on the Star Wars universe, showing the difficulty of raising a son in a universe where light saber battles take place. This is probably one of the best humorous takes on the Star Wars universe, as it makes fun of just about everyone in the Star Wars universe, and even fans; Leia is shown turning action figures into dolls by putting a dress on them. This would make a great Father’s Day present, or just something for someone who is having a really bad day; it works rather well either way.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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