The Mixture of Farming and Poetry

By Paul Hunter

Silverfish Review Press, $14.95, 96 pages

Poetry and nature have always coincided in literature. Many poets have written about the beauty, essence, and serenity of nature, but not that many people write poems about farming, life on the farm, and the rhythm of farm life. In this collection, author Paul Hunter takes us through the world of the farmer from long days out in the sun to doing chores in the morning to relaxing on the porch with friends drinking beer and chatting about the day. Mr. Hunter covers the life and tempo of the countryside. His poems invoke imaginings of plowing fields, planting crops, picking eggs, going to school, and leaving for the big city.

Hunter’s imagery is easy for the average reader to understand by not going for the big word, but instead going for the subtle word that people will generally understand. The poems are short and elegant, crafting a picture of a way of life that is disappearing at an alarming rate. The poems are broken up into three parts, and each part has its own way of speaking to the reader. My only issue is the lack of punctuation which is a little off-putting.

Reviewed Kevin Winter

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