By Philip de Ste. Croix
Parragon Books, $5.99, 64 pages

This slim book is appropriate for an inveterate fan seeking to expand his or her collection of Beatles’ photos. The text is appropriate, but a bit sketchy. The most interesting photos are of the band in its formative years, from 1960-1962. The other photos are the usual familiar poses of the various band members. There are several photos of the Beatles’ close friend Stuart Sutcliffe, who was briefly a fifth member of the band. There are also some photos that include Peter Best, who was the Beatles’ original drummer until producer George Martin expressed his skepticism about Best’s abilities.

When it comes to the Beatles, and to Bob Dylan, every day it becomes increasingly difficult to add to the already crowded bookshelves that cover these artists. In this reviewer’s opinion, this short work might be a good place to introduce a 12-year-old child to Beatle-mania, without making too many demands upon his or her time.
Reviewed by Dick Weissman

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