The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Simple Solutions for Kids From Birth to 5 Years4stars




By Harvey Karp, MD

William Morrow, $25.99, 367 pages

Dr. Harvey Karp, one of America’s most well known pediatricians and author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block now has his first book in seven years The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep. In this book Dr. Karp tackles the number one problem for parents of young children: getting and keeping their babies asleep. Dr. Karp has a number of new ideas that will change the way parents send their children off to sleep. He recommends using his white noise CD for the entire first year to keep babies asleep and reassures you that the best time to start a child’s bedtime routine is at the beginning of the day. Exposure to natural light and outside time early in the day and avoidance of bright screens (phones, TV, computers) at night can improve sleep for both babies and parents. The book is laid out by age group, includes a comprehensive index, and is easy to skim as needed for the parts you need the most. New parents will learn priceless tips and everyone in a new baby’s family will get more sleep with their use.

Reviewed BY Catherine McMullen

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