The Princess of Dhagabad Book 1 The Spirits of the Ancient Sands5stars



A Rich and Beautifully Written Novel

By Anna Kashina, $15.95, 278 pages

The Princess of Dhagabad has always been unusual. Her father’s only heir, she is given more freedom than normally allowed a girl and educated like the ruler she will be. Moreover, she is unusual in that she possesses a gift from her grandmother – a Djin named Hasan.  Together, they will explore more ideas and places than the Princess ever thought existed and ultimately, she will be faced with a choice of giving him up and taking her place as a ruler or making her own way in the world.

The Princess of Dhagabad is a beautifully written novel by author Anna Kashina. She creates a world of the Middle East that is sensual, subtle and vibrant. The characters of the Princess and Hasan are layered and subtle – both show an innate curiosity about the world but with realism that their wants are overridden by political and cultural requirements. The larger cultural setting has a significant place in the story and can be considered a character of its own in the book. This novel is a delight to read and Ms. Kashina is a truly gifted storyteller.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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