Trace the Origins of the Cult Phenomenon

Limelight Editions 9.99 150 pages

Along with disco, the seventies gave us The Rocky Horror Picture Show, one of the most iconic films of the decade. With each new generation, a fresh group of fans discover the movie and the cult-like appreciation for the phenomenon grows. In The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Music on Film, Dave Thompson breathes life into the popular movie. The pocket-sized book is filled with information about the film’s casting, creation, recording, stars, costumes, cultural influence, sexuality, music and the use of drag. Learn about Richard O’Brien’s dream to write a rock ‘n’ roll musical with a plotline straight out of the 1950s B movies he adored. Thompson argues that the movie is the first interactive multi-media experience – a combination of sci-fi horror, aliens, sex, rock and roll and comedy mixed with extreme audience participation (whether in a movie theater, at a live stage production, or during a karaoke song). Also included is a list of every cast recording, and stage and film cast lists. An eight page collection of color photos features memorabilia like a Transylvanian make-up kit, movie flyers and performance posters. Fans will love the The Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Survival Kit checklist (for example, bring specific food items to be thrown at certain times in the movie, and water guns to recreate the rain storm that sends Brad and Janet to the castle). Have fun!

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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