Wedding Inspiration at your Fingertips

By Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Gibbs Smith, $40.00, 191 pages

I am not getting married, but if I were, the Wedding Inspiration: Ideas & Advice for Your Perfect Wedding would be the first book I would purchase to help me in my planning. The first step is to find your inspiration. This book offers lots of ideas. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman is the editor-at-large at Southern Living and she has advice on all the important essentials of a wedding including the invitations, gown, cake and venue. Whitman begins the book by asking some important questions. The answers to these questions will drive most decisions about the wedding you are planning.

For each topic:  invitations, gown, cake, venue, and entertainment, Whitman shares quotes from many experts. The book then highlights nine weddings. Each wedding is described in great detail and is interspersed with many, many beautiful photographs of the different components of the wedding. Each wedding chapter ends with a bulleted list of “Be Inspired” thoughts and a Lucky Tradition listing for the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue traditions. The final pages list resources.

This is a beautiful book filled with ideas, inspiration and advice. There are hundreds of colorful, mesmerizing photos that paint the pictures of the advice the words share. As the reader, you feel like you are a guest at these nine exquisite weddings by reading the personal stories and viewing the vibrant pictures. Although the weddings highlighted are probably unreachable for most engaged couples, there are lots of ideas to spur your creative juices, personalize and make your own.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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