A Dark Anatomy4stars



Gray’s “Dark Anatomy”

By Robin Blake

Minotaur, $24.99, 360 pages

Robin Blake’s A Dark Anatomy; the name itself catches your attention, doesn’t it? Set in the 1700s, the mystery begins with the county coroner, Titus Cragg, called upon a disturbing scene of the squire’s wife, Dolores Brockletower, found dead in the woods behind their estate. As the investigation progresses, a series of frightening events haunt the little village of Preston. To make matters worse, the squire refuses to cooperate and the bailiff interferes, pushing Titus and his young doctor friend, Luke Fidelis, farther away (or so it seems) from finding the answer to the burning question in everyone’s mind: Who killed the squire’s wife?

In this historical mystery thriller, Blake paints a vibrant picture of life in 1740 England without overhauling the reader with details. The way the character illustrates the story for the reader gives an authentic feel for the time period. With very few dry spots (if any) and just a hint of romance, this mystery keeps your attention while urging you to turn just one more page. If you enjoy historical fiction with a twist of mystery and thrill, then A Dark Anatomy should definitely be on your reading list.

Reviewed By Taylor Pittman

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