Alpha (Jad Bell Series)5stars



This Read is a Thrill Ride

By Greg Rucka

Mulholland Books, $24.99, 295 pages

Imagine a terrorist plot unfolding at Disneyland. Author Greg Rucka has done just that in his book Alpha. Wilsonville, a fictional park, is where this thriller takes place. A map at the beginning allows readers to follow the action. Master Sergeant Jonathan Bell is a member of Delta Force. When the government suspects a theme park somewhere in the United States is a target of terrorism, Bell is assigned to a position at Wilsonville. As Deputy Director of Park Safety, Bell is responsible for over 50,000 visitors. To make matters worse, his ex-wife and deaf daughter are visiting the park on the day the terror starts.

Rucka has written a terrific thriller, but this isn’t just a great action story. Alpha gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at a large theme park. “Friends,” the employees who wear costumes and masks, must follow strict rules while on the job. They can’t sit down and can’t take their giant character heads off at all in front of park visitors. So, it is extremely difficult to tell which “Friend” works there and who is part of the terrorist plot. The plot is quick moving and the characters are engaging. Readers can look forward to more of Bell since this is the first of a planned series. Enjoy this thrilling ride!

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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