Angel Bella The Crown of Glory3 star



An Angel’s Day in Pictures

By Hattie Marie Nichols-Lee

AuthorHouse, $17.99, 16 pages

Not all children’s books rely on illustrations.  Angel Bella is destined for big things. Although she spends most of her time floating in the clouds and listening to heavenly music, Angel decides to follow the angels to Earth. While there, she notices a hooded figure hanging around the humans, and an urge to sing begins to build within her. She eventually lets go and finds out what her job is to be.

Story-wise, this is an interesting but not outstanding book. It is a good morality tale about how we are saved by forces beyond our ken, but otherwise it brings up some questions that are not answered. If you are going to bring up questions, especially in a children’s book, you should answer them. However, the pictures are stunning; although there are some pictures that are obviously manipulated; a number of them are incredible pictures, something that should happen more often. This is not a book that kids will get into, but they will love the pictures.

Reviewed By  Jamais Jochim

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