Be Happy No Matter What4stars



An Ultra-Positive Read for Any Day of the Week!

By Ellen Seigel

Clear Path Publishing, $17.95, 240 pages

Be Happy No Matter What is well-timed; an extremely uplifting and upbeat read about self-soothing and self-care, Ellen Seigel coaches the masses about effective living. With a casual flair and tone for everyday use, the author engages readers with hymn quality chants and mantras for Five steps to Inner Freedom: Centering in My Self; Appreciating Me and My Life as a Work of Art; Hearing my Inner Wisdom; Honoring My Self; and Caring for My Self. Though such information might be rendered superfluous, gimmicky, or even banal by many non-believers in the self-help genre, Be Happy No Matter What is for the most part what our culture needs.

Seigel possesses such acuteness and guidance for honing in on a crisis-free being, how self-knowledge can pave the way for self-mastery. Her deft analysis and cognitive behavioral principals bear out that “The upset felt in a current situation is echoing upsets from earlier in life,” and so one must service and remedy this force with self-healing experiences. Ellen Seigel’s immediacy with language through conversational dialogue and diction provide the sufficient energy and compassion for carrying the reader through a startling journey. The constant debriefing exercises and affirmations are visually and textually supportive in keeping calm throughout the day and maintaining an openness “to take in improvements.” Be Happy No Matter What is brave and exactly; Seigel encapsulates the human trajectory with a most personal and endearing approach.