Bud The Spud2stars



A Creepy Tale

By Adam Byrn Tritt, Illustrated by “Java John” Goldacker

KBS Promotions, $16.95, 49 pages

Kids like gross, creepy details in the stories they read. They also love watching television. Bud the Spud by author Adam Byrn Tritt features a boy who snacks while watching TV. What happens when Bud eats too much junk food and never leaves the couch? Bud is a normal kid, but when his friends ask him to go outside he says no, he can’t miss his favorite programs. Instead of playing on the swings, he watches TV about kids playing on swings. Over time Bud gets musty and dusty and moldy. Bud becomes….a spud! “Java John” Goldacker’s illustrations are detailed and he combines drawings with actual photographs, but they are disturbing as well. As Bud transforms into a potato, his legs shrivel up and he grows eyes all over his body.

There are three different endings to the story. Each one gets progressively worse. Bud can either reverse the damage and become healthy, be planted in the ground, or wind up on the dinner table. Yikes! Yes, some kids will like the odd, over-the-top quality of the story. Books with a message about childhood obesity are important, but this one is a little strange. Overall, there are better ways to educate kids about health and wellness.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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