Cycle Chic4stars



Très Chic!

By  Mikael Colville-Andersen

Thames & Hudson, $19.95, 288 pages

Lycra-laden cyclists, with their titanium-frame bikes and their aerodynamic road helmets strapped securely in place, have become a common backdrop to our landscapes and roadways. However, urban cyclists are becoming more the trend for economic, demographic, and cycle-philia reasons. Cycle Chic will inspire you to either take up cycling for the first time or pump up those tires and wash the dirt off your handlebar tassels – it’s time to go cycling! Sure, the fresh air is good, the exercise excellent, but Cycle Chic will make you want to personalize your ride and find others out there that share the same passion for the sheer fun of pedaling down the sidewalk.

This photography book of urban-life people and the cherished, intimate relationship they have with their bicycles is quirky, outlandish, weird, and just plain fun to turn the pages and see what author Mikael Colville-Andersen was able to capture with his quick-flash camera. He captures bicycling as a mode of transportation, family fun, deliveries, fun-in-the-sun, sports, romance, or just plain showing off!

Reviewed By M. Chris Johnson

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