Dead Level- A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery4stars



Escaped Killer Stalks Women at Cabin

By Sarah Graves

Bantam Books, $26.00, 245 pages

When convicted killer Dewey Hooper escaped prison in Maine, everyone thought he would head for New York City. Instead, he went into the woods near his hometown of Eastport planning to stay in any unoccupied cabin he could find. He couldn’t believe his luck when he spotted two women heading into the woods. One of them had testified against him at his trial years earlier and the other appeared to be his wife, whom he thought he had killed.

Jacobia (Jake) Tiptree and her friend Ellie White are headed to the cabin owned by Jake’s husband, Wade. She has a bet with him that she can finish building the deck in one week. But even before starting the project, Jake and Ellie spot a body. They soon find they are trapped at the cabin by a washed out road. When windows are blown out by shotgun blasts, they realize they are targets of the escaped killer, and must find a way to survive his attempts to slay them. Suspense crackles on every page as the plot explodes in a series of disasters.

his is another novel in the charming “home repair is homicide” series by author Sarah Graves. She lives with her husband in Eastport, Maine, in an 1823 Federal-style house which led her to write a series of books involving home repair. Peopled with captivating characters, this story describes life in a small town and how everyone knows and looks out for each other.

Reviewed By Fran Byram

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