Driver's Education5stars



Driver’s Education: Luxury Ride For Readers

By Grant Ginder

Simon & Schuster, $25.00, 256 pages

Two words come to mind having just read Grant Ginder’s second novel, Driver’s Education: seanachai and brilliant. Not sure if Ginder is Irish or not, but he is certainly one hell of a storyteller. Ginder’s new book encompasses a lot of miles and memories from the perspectives of three main characters; an ailing grandfather, Alistair McPhee, a struggling scriptwriter son, Colin, and an imaginative, reality TV editor grandson, named Finn. The story centers around Alistair’s dying wish which is to have one last drive in his beloved “Lucy” a ‘56 Chevy Bel Air. He affectionately named the car after his wife who died leaving behind their nine year old son, Colin. Finn takes on the task of delivering Lucy to his grandfather with the help of his friend, Randal, and a 50 year old unlikely passenger, Mrs. Dalloway, who happens to be a three legged CAT that “just won’t die”. This comical trio sets out from New York bound for San Francisco. Along the way, they explore and relive the larger-than-life stories Alistair embedded in Finn’s young impressionable mind many years ago. Ginder uniquely weaves a tapestry of several life themes like family, love, loss, and truth while interjecting bits of humor and irony throughout keeping it from being overly sentimental. The story concludes with a creative yet fitting ending that will leave the reader with a smile. Driver’s Education is an endearing, fun, big-hearted novel with memorable characters. Every once in a while, you read a book that you just can’t shut up about. Driver’s Education is that of book. Well played, Mr. Ginder – you are way too young to be that talented.

Reviewed By Kimberly Logan-Elwell

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