Getting Married and Other Mistakes4stars



Looking for Lust in All the Wrong Places

By Barbara Slate

Other Press, $14.95, 154 pages

Sometimes it is worth making a mistake so we can better learn from it. Protagonist Jo Hudson admits to Getting Married and Other Mistakes involving men on a regular basis, and must figure out how to deal with those mistakes. With the assistance of her collection of sad bride photographs and the advice of her friends, she must figure out where her life is going and find out why she keeps making the same basic mistakes. Eventually she does, and the final revelation is worth the trip it took to get there.

This was a fun book to read. Although the art is generally done in a fun cartoony style, author Barbara Slate has no problems shifting to a more classical, realistic style as needed, allowing her to deal with Jo’s life and then show the beautiful photography Jo does. The writing flows wonderfully, giving the book some great infrastructure, even as it works as a stream-of-consciousness story. Between the art and the writing, Jo comes across as someone you want to hug and have a beer with, even as you sympathize with her pain. For those that have had a bad relationship, this is the ideal comedown book.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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