Gourdy's Adventure4stars



Gourdy’s Adventure reminds us to appreciate little brothers and sisters

By Penelope F. King, Tanya Stewart (illustrator)

Vantage Press, $9.95, 60 pages

Gourdy, an independent little mouse, enjoys going on adventures. This time, when he announces to his mother that he’d like some food to take with him, his younger sister and two younger brothers getting excited to join him – much to Gourdy’s chagrin.

As Gourdy predicts, his little sister requests breaks and reminds the adventurers they need to stop and eat. He grows frustrated with the troupe and stubbornly disagrees with his sister Celia as much as possible. But, once Gourdy gets in danger from a hunting bird, he finds that Celia is actually quite brave and knowledgeable when it comes to adventures. Celia is able to hide from the bird, keep her little brothers safe, and quickly creates a sling shot to scare the bird away.

Gourdy’s Adventure by Penelope F. King invites young readers to follow along with its large print and simple ink illustrations. A book of this size is a perfect transition piece from large picture books, to some of the easy reader chapter books like Frog and Toad.

The moral of the story is quite easy for readers to gather – recognizing that teamwork is invaluable and that sometimes you can be surprised by others abilities.

Reviewed By Sophie Sestero

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