Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun5stars



Finding Island Fun

By Eileen Wacker, Illustrated by Alan M. Low

Once Kids, 24 pages

You can find lots of unique wildlife living on Fujimini Island. Pandas live high up in the mountains, dolphins frolic in the waters of the bay, penguins slide on the sands of the shore…and hamsters complete obstacle courses in a wooded glen! In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, by Eileen Wacker, readers first meet Green Hamster lounging under a bonsai tree, bored out of his mind. All the other hamsters want to do is plan another race, just like every other day. So Green Hamster sets out on a quest to find some fun. The other animals must be having an amazing day, right? Find out what happens when he visits the pandas, dolphins and penguins. Illustrator Alan M. Low fills the pictures with bright, bold colors. Young ones will love the outrageous colors he picks for normally bland-colored animals. The author uses repetition as a way to aid the reader with comprehension. After Green Hamster’s first visit with the pandas, kids will likely be able to guess what will happen as he visits the other animals on his quest. The saying about things looking greener on the other side of the hill applies to this story. Green Hamster has to learn that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes fun is closer to home than you realize. Look for other books in the Fujimini Adventure series.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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