Hellbox A Nameless Detective Novel4stars



Kidnapped Wife Fights to Survive as Detective Husband Searches for Her

By Bill Pronzini

Forge, $24.99, 304 pages

Hoping to find a second home Bill and Kerry drive to the mountains from San Francisco to look at a cabin. To decide whether to make an offer on the cabin, they plan to spend the weekend there. Bill wants to check out the fishing, and while he is gone, Kerry goes for a walk in the woods. When she doesn’t return to the cabin by evening, Bill begins to panic. He walks into the woods where he thinks Kerry might go, and then drives nearby roads until after dark. The local deputy tries to convince him that she is just lost in the woods. But Bill believes she has been kidnapped. He calls his longtime associate to help, and the next few days they spend in an intense investigation and search.

Bill Pronzini is a grand master of the Mystery Writers of America. He has been nominated for and won many prizes offered to crime fiction writers. He has been called the finest American detective novelist in current practice. He lives in California with his wife, crime novelist Marcia Muller.

Hellbox is a charming story of devotion, with mesmerizing suspense throughout.

Reviewed By Fran Byram

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