Help Your Kids Get Better Grades3star



Basic Guide for Faltering Students

By Gary E. Howard

Cambridge Learning Skills Publishing, $11.95, 141 pages

Gary Howard’s Help Your Kids Get Better Grades is a book written for parents and their children. He suggests that both parents and kids read the book and that parents should be prepared to support their school-going kids with the strategies presented in the book. Howard was a teacher and administrator for 35 years and has strong opinions about the American educational system. The book begins with scare tactics to help the reader see how important school is to one’s later life. At times it is almost too basic and directive. For example, Howard suggests buying fine point gel pens to take notes with. He tells the reader why he feels this way, but this reviewer felt it was a bit too “bossy”. He repeats over and over that studying is critical to a student’s success. He also covers study groups, tutoring and even how to take notes and what type of backpack to buy.

Howard spends a great deal of time on note taking: the importance, how-to, when-to and tips and tricks. Another large section in the book is test taking. Howard has suggestions on how to study, prepare, memorize and schedule for tests. This book is an easy, quick read and definitely geared towards the parent of the child, and the child himself, who is a novice when it comes to study habits and learning skills. There are no advanced concepts here, but it could be valuable to a student who does not get much direction or skill-building at home.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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