House of Cash The Legacies of my Father, Johnny Cash5stars



Dissecting the Man in Black

By John Carter Cash

Insight Editions, $39.95, 160 pages

John Carter Cash, son of the country legend, put together one of the most stunning tributes to his father in House of Cash: The Legacies of My Father, Johnny Cash. Fans of Johnny Cash will relish each page, word, picture and historical document included in this work. Even folks who never caught the Man in Black fever will be enthralled by its contents. It begins with Johnny’s family artifacts taking from there his life and struggles and ends with reflections from family and friends. It’s not just a tribute to Johnny Cash but to musicians, lovers, family men, the faith of believers and artists. From the handwritten love notes to the original songs he penned, reading this book is like holding his personal scrapbook while walking down memory lane with Johnny Cash himself.

This will make an excellent gift, if you’re willing to part with it, that is!

Reviewed By M. Chris Johnson

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