Lessons of the Inca Shamans Piercing the Veil4stars



Lessons for everyone

By Deborah Bryon

Pine Winds Press, $18.00, 319 pages

The path is always going to be more important than than the journey. Bryon started her journey to become a shaman, and Lessons of the Inca Shamans follows that journey. As a Jungian analyst, and therefore into the symbols of the subconscious, she adds some analysis to the process, as well as those that have had the chance to undergo the process themselves, most notably Carlos Castenedas. This is a fascinating study of all that can happen on that path.

With all of the new age books on the market looking at the more extreme examples of spiritual experiences, where beings of power have come to fill in something missing from their lives, this is a refreshing breath of wind. The experience is usually painted as some great dramatic experience, but here it is presented here as a series of gradual changes in a relationship between two beings. Besides making it seem more real, it also allows the person to better follow a path to enlightenment and makes for a more compelling look. As Bryon is having to work at her relationship with her husband, who is going through something similar, it helps ground her experiences in reality, making an important link between her and the reader; if she can do this while dealing with the otherworldly, it informs the reader that he can as well.

Although the writing does occasionally get bogged down in analysis, this is a strength of the book, and makes it more interesting. Again, too many writers merely describe the process; Bryon provides an important analysis of what is happening to her, making it much more real. If you are contemplating something similar, this is an excellent introduction to the process, and a must read for those interested in personal enlightenment.


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