Lovers' Lane The Hall-Mills Mystery2stars




An Olde Tyme Mystery

By Rick Geary

NBM Publishing, $15.99, 80 pages

This is a really weird graphic novel. Lover’s’ Lane looks at the investigation of the murders of Reverend Hall and Mrs. Eleanor Mills, whose bodies were found in the park next to each other in 1922. The investigation makes a good case for securing the scene of the crime, as but there is so little evidence that the investigation initially flounders and is eventually put in the cold cases section. Although there was a court case, the prosecutor was unable to make it stick, and all four murderers were released. The case still mystifies people today.

-With no disrespect to the dead meant, it is hard to discern why this book was written. None of the characters involved are really gripping enough to sustain interest in the book, and even the murder case at the end is anti-climactic. Although no one needs to be famous to make a case interesting, there is no evident reason to focus on the deaths of these people. Fans of police procedurals may be interested in this book, as those who want to throw something at those people, but otherwise it is hard to really recommend this book.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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