Manthropology- The Science of Why the Modern Male is not the Man He Used to Be3 star



Why Modern Man has changed

By Peter McAllister

St. Martin’s Press, $14.99, 326 pages

Never before has a book explored how far we have sunk as a culture. Manthropology compares modern man to his forebears, looking to see how we have improved on our ancestors, and if not, why we have failed to make anything better. In almost every case he finds that modern men lose to our ancestors, in areas such as brawn, brains, ability to create art, and even the ability to find a date for the evening. Although it is fun to read about the differences between the two groups, it does get a little disheartening.

This is an interesting book to read through, especially for those that have the idea that every generation is better than the previous one. Although there are some issues with the academics, as McAllister looks at just the essentials of how the two groups have changed, such as in training, and at very specific examples rather than the two groups in general. There is also some minor bias shown towards the end when he looks at how the Aki raises their children. However, this is a fascinating look at just how different we and our ancestors are, and how things have changed over the millennia.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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