Mason Michael The Heaven Projection4stars

By Dawn Dyson
Creation House/Charisma Media, $17.99, 387 pages

Alexa Dyson—eighteen, pregnant, and alone—lives in a world that has lost sight of God. Satan’s minions hold sway, the majority of the world’s Bibles have long since been found and destroyed, and proclaiming Christ means certain death. After nearly getting killed, Alexa flees her home and finds herself in a mysterious house which seems destined to be hers. It doesn’t take long for pursuers to locate her, however; her Christian beliefs make her a target. And then one of her enemies seemingly turns traitor and offers to become her protector instead; is he really what he seems? Alexa will have to trust her own intuition, as well as her angelic guardians, in order to see the truth and face the future head-on, living the destiny that awaits her.

Dawn Dyson started the “Beautiful Justice” series with Bella Maura and continued it with Justice Quinn, and now she finishes this epic work with Mason Michael: The Heaven Projection. If you haven’t read the previous books, this is definitely not a good place to pick up the story. The author has an ethereal writing style that readily floats between different points of view and even between first- and third-person with regards to Alexa; this can be a little confusing for even those already familiar with the series. Add in passages from Sienna’s book and Sienna’s current point of view—that of an angel silently guiding Alexa from heaven—and it may take a little while for readers to find their bearing. Stick with it, though, because this novel is worth it! It is a bit heartbreaking at times as you struggle through the end days with Alexa, but you will find yourself cheering her on as she gets stronger, and her eventual victory will leave you breathless with hope for humanity. If you’re looking for a good spiritual uplift, Mason Michael and indeed the entire “Beautiful Justice” series will be a balm for your soul.


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