Mountain of the Dead5stars




By Mike Wellins

Freakybuttrue Publishing, $7.23, 166 pages

Mountain of the Dead by Mike Wellins is a fictional telling of mysterious events that occurred in Russia in 1959 to nine Russian college skiers. Ten skiers: eight men and two women, set out on a skiing trip to the Ural Mountains as a trip with their skiing club. One skier, Yural, whom Wellins focuses the novel on, goes home sick while the other nine skiers are left to a horrible fate that no one can quite figure out. The skiers are found months later, separated into two groups. All nine skiers’ skin had turned orange and four had unexplainable internal injuries. ||Wellins weaves a chillingly, mysterious plot of nine skiers, delving into the story of a man who is haunted by the fate of his friends. Wellins recounts the trip and the frantic last moments of the nine as they try to escape from a hulking form in the snow, strange noises, and orange balls of light. Wellins leaves readers with chills at the unsolved mystery of the nine skiers. He is able to blend facts and fiction into a thrilling story that readers will fly through in one sitting. Wellins is an author who knows how to set the heart pounding.

Reviewed By Lindy Gervin

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