No Footprint A Darcy Lott Mystery4stars



A Lightening-paced Mystery with an Intricate Plot

By Susan Dunlap

Counterpoint Press, $25.00, 272 pages

In No Footprints, stunt woman Darcy Lott, scouting a movie location on the Golden Gate Bridge, pulls back a woman who is trying to jump. The woman states she will be dead by Thanksgiving and disappears, leaving her jacket. Darcy frantically looks for this woman. The more she learns about her, the greater the mystery becomes. Darcy discovers that the woman, Tessa, runs a copy shop for a detective known as “cockroach”, who has a reputation for questionable tactics. Meanwhile, Darcy’s mounting responsibilities keep her moving non-stop through her days and nights. She is still working on setting up the stunt for the movie and dealing with a producer who is creating all sorts of problems.

Susan Dunlap has authored a collection of short stories and twenty-three novels, including four other Darcy Lott novels. She has won the Anthony and Macavity awards and has been president of Sisters in Crime. She and her husband live near San Francisco.

Filled with plenty of action and adventure, this story is engrossing and thrilling. The main character is charming, as is her interesting family. Readers may find themselves wanting to read all the Darcy Lott books.

Reviewed By Fran Byram

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