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Changing the Way We Think About the Economy

By Marjorie Kelly

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, $19.95, 246 pages

The current economic climate with no indication of getting better any time soon makes many people ask: “is there another way?” According to Marjorie Kelley there is another way than the current system that is called a generative economy. In this book, Kelley explores a world outside of Wall Street. She is more focused on the main street: on places that are run and owned by local people, on companies that make up a new type of economy. These companies are not just focused on the latest quarterly numbers, but on growing the business in a sustainable fashion and on treating employees and the environment in new ways. But what would this look like?  Throughout the book, Kelley, explores different types of companies that have taken this new approach and found a wide variety of success. She highlights challenges, opportunities, and even failures.

The great thing about this work is that, although Kelley is looking at new ideas in an academic way, she does not get bogged down in rhetoric, or even grandstanding. Her approach is calm and methodical. This is an important book, to help explore new ideas other than capitalism.

Reviewed By Kevin Winter

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