Philosophy A Discovery in Comics4stars




By Margaret de Heer

NBM Publishing, $16.99, 120 pages

Margaret de Heer’s Philosophy: A Discovery in Comics is a visual introduction to Western philosophy. De Heer – who has a Western education in philosophy – introduces the major Western philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, Descartes and St Augustine, as well as major ideas of Western philosophy. She breaks down each idea and philosopher into a page or two, so it is necessarily a simplified version of many of these ideas. However, the visuals will help the reader remember some of the names that may be familiar, but not connected to concrete ideas. The format makes this a relatively quick read, especially for a book on philosophy, but it also makes philosophy approachable and less intimidating than it might be. The only down side to this book is its necessarily limited and brief overview of some of the philosophers that simplifies some of their points; the struggle to understand and comprehend is a part of the philosophy. A great overview, this would be a great graduation present for a budding humanities major, or just a quick read to help you remember Philosophy 101.

Reviewed By Katie Richards

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