Priscilla the Great and the Time Traveling Bullet (Volume 5)4stars



A Fun Super Heroine Story

By Sybil Nelson

Little Prince Publishing, $16.41, 292 pages

Thirteen-year-old Priscilla is of course, a great girl. Having mutated genes and superpowers, she works hard to save her family and the world from her nemesis, Xi. Unfortunately, Priscilla’s life just took a very weird turn – she has woken up twenty-five years in the future (not to mention shot in the shoulder). Finding her way home, Priscilla reunites with the remains of her family and sets about finding a way to undo her unexpected time travel and the future it promised.

Priscilla the Great: The Time Traveling Bullet is a surprisingly entertaining book about a family with superpowers. The character of Priscilla is fun, fierce, smart, and determined to save those she loves; she is a great heroine. Her comments are often funny and show that despite having superpowers she is also just a teenage girl. The plot is nicely laid out and unfolds in a way that makes sense, and the ending is hopeful yet not unrealistically happy. Tweens or younger teens will enjoy the story of Priscilla. It would be best to start with the first book in this series as some of the events are confusing without the back story.

Reviewed By Barbra Cothern

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