Red Knit Cap Girl5stars



An Artistic Journey

By Naoko Stoop

Little, Brown and Company, $15.99, 32 pages

Red Knit Cap Girl is a little one with big hopes. She dreams of meeting the moon! Living in an enchanted forest with her animal friends and beautiful flowers and butterflies keeps Red Knit Cap Girl very busy. Yet, more than anything, she would like to talk to the moon. Can she get close enough to really reach her? The little girl tries climbing a branch, but it is too short. She sees Moon in the water, but that’s just a reflection. Hedgehog, Owl, White Bunny, Bear and Squirrel all come together to help their best friend. They make decorations and lanterns out of paper to hang in the tallest tree to impress Moon. After all her effort, will Red Knit Cap Girl’s dream come true? When reading Red Knit Cap Girl, by Naoko Stoop, children embark on an amazing artistic journey. Stoop uses acrylic, ink and pencil on pieces of plywood to create her illustrations. The natural grain of the wood becomes swirls in a pond, layers of sand on the beach and wispy clouds in the sky. Knots are incorporated into the design. The artwork is truly amazing. Readers of any age will appreciate the craftsmanship and will enjoy the lesson that the beauty of the natural world is worth cherishing.

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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