Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi5stars



A Lesson on Friendship

By Eileen Wacker, Illustrated by Alan M. Low

Once Kids, $10.99, 32 pages

Fujimini Island is filled with animals who love to play and have fun. The pandas climb the tall mountains, the penguins frolic by the ocean, sea animals swim in the waves, bunnies hop in the fields, and hamsters romp through an obstacle course. Tonight is the Moon Festival Celebration and everyone is preparing in their own way. The animal chefs are putting the finishing touches on the menu and other animals are making lanterns to use as decorations. But the sea animals (who can’t join the land animals for the last meeting) don’t want to be left out and they ask Red Penguin to move the party by the bay. The pandas are making dim sum and noodles. The bunnies are bringing fruit and moon cakes. The penguins are preparing sushi. Things are going well until Red Penguin starts bragging about the high quality of the sushi. Green Hamster decides that Red Penguin must learn to be humble and so she plays a trick on her. The hamsters hide the sushi. Once the shouting and the crying begins, the celebration takes a turn for the worse. Will the sea animals be included in the party? Will the sushi be found before it spoils?

Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi by author Eileen Wacker is a fun book that reinforces the idea that friends work together to create a fun time. It is important to include everyone and not let pride get in the way. Sometimes feelings get hurt, but there is always something a friend can do to make things better. Illustrator Alan M. Low uses bold, bright colors and creates a festive environment for the Moon Festival.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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