Severed Threads



By Kaylin McFarren

Creative Edge Publishing, $14.95, 285 pages

Finding the Wanli II, the Ming Dynasty Emperor’s lost dragon ship, is paramount to Sam Lyons.  Despite his daughter’s skepticism, and even his partner’s doubts, Sam is certain of the ship’s existence and treasure, and is willing to risk everything to find it.  The search for this ship becomes both his obsession and his destruction. His daughter Rachel feels he and Chase Cohen, the man she loves, are on a fool’s errand. What happens to Sam only begins the story of Chase, Rachel, and the Wanli II.

“Chase had his doubts, but Sam’s unrelenting pursuit of his elusive treasure ship gave credence to the notion that something spectacular lay buried down here. Something he was so sure of he’d stake his life on it.”

The equally conflicting stories of the Wanli II and of Chase and Rachel’s relationship are the crux of Severed Threads. Both ocean and land carry this story that will keep readers following its twists and turns.

Kaylin McFarren has developed strong characterizations of Chase and Rachel, keeping readers connected to both of them. The many supporting well-developed characters give readers a good sense of them and their roles in the story. The majority of the dialogue in the book realistically propels the story.

Severed Threads nicely combines an action adventure with a romantic story that will keep readers involved in the story from beginning to end.


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