The Advance Team3 star



Aliens Dealt With in 30 Minutes or It’s Free

By Will Pfeifer, Illustrated by German Torres

Tor, $15.99, 170 pages

At Pizza Express, if it takes us more than thirty minutes, your butt-kicking is free. The Advance Team teleported in two decades ago and became famous. Pizza delivery boy Zach McKinley even has their posters, but must take them out to save the world, and they will not go down easily. Oh, and did we mention that he has to do this despite being wanted by the police as a serial killer while romancing the cute cashier? It has not been an easy shift for Zach.

This is a fun lightweight read. The artwork is not as polished as most comics, giving it an unfinished look. Even the plot feels rushed in some spots; on one hand it adds to the time pressure, but it feels like entire beats have been missed, and there are a number of times when you just wish Uncle Arthur would slow down for a few minutes. However, the exposition download at the end works here, and there are a lot of nice moments along the way. Even the plot twist at the end feels well-earned. This is a fun comic, even though it should have been a little longer.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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