The Queen's Lady The Lacey Chronicles, Book 23 star




By Eve Edwards

Delacorte Books for Young Readers, $17.99, 336 pages

The Queen’s Lady: The Lacey Chronicles Book 2 picks up where The Other Countess left off. After breaking off her engagement to William Lacey, the Earl of Dorset, Lady Jane finds herself in disgrace with her father. Her status is only partially restored after her marriage to a kind and doting Jonah, and when he dies, Jane’s trouble just continues. Jonah’s sons bully and harass their seventeen-year-old stepmother for all of her worldly possessions, which they believe are part of their inheritance. Although Jane retreats to the Queen’s court as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, she is not safe. As Jane makes her mark in the Queen’s court, her attention is distracted by the dashing James Lacey, the Earl’s younger brother. Will Jane be able to ignite the flame that once existed between them, or will James’ moody temperament drive a wedge further between them?

Eve Edwards once again does a magnificent job weaving a tale of romance and intrigue. Her characters are well thought out and developed throughout the book, while her engaging writing style brings you into her world. Eve Edwards is such a talented writer that while reading The Lacey Chronicles her words spin an enchanting tale in which you are unable to stop turning the pages.

Reviewed By Rachel J. Richards

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