The Superheroes Employment Agency5stars



Meet the B-list Heroes

By Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Clarion Books, $16.99, 40 pages

You’re likely familiar with Batman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Spiderman, and Superman, but have you ever heard of Muffy the Vampire Sprayer, the Cajoler, or the Pretzel? In The Superheroes Employment Agency, author Marilyn Singer uses witty rhyming verse to introduce little-known B-list heroes to the rest of the world. The agency employs a wide variety of unique characters. Are you dealing with hostile mobs, evil villains, or a cat up a tree? What about one too many rats or mice in your yard? Call in the Verminator! He is only one inch tall, but he’ll take care of the problem! Meet Stuporman who loves to talk…and talk and talk. After listening to an epic poem or two, bad guys will fall into a stupor, unable to commit any crime. The Baby’s first secret weapon is his wail, and his second secret weapon is in his diaper pail!

Illustrations by Noah Z. Jones fit right in with the comic book genre. They are colorful and creative. He gives each hero a distinct personality. Although it appears to be a children’s book, this collection of poems is really for older readers and adults who love the superhero genre.

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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