The Vanishing Game1star



A Silly and Cliche Story

By Kate Kae Myers

Bloomsbury Kids, $16.99, 368 pages

Jocelyn and her twin brother Jack were inseparable until his recent death. In the midst of her grief, Jocelyn receives a letter from Jack written in a secret code only they and their childhood friend, Noah, knew about. Convinced that Jack faked his death, Jocelyn and Noah pair up to uncover the clues that will hopefully lead to Jack’s whereabouts. Along the way, they find that Jack was involved in more dangerous things than they realized – and Jocelyn learns of her own special skills.

The Vanishing Game starts with a promising premise – that of an investigation of a death sent from a reportedly dead man. Unfortunately, the story quickly deteriorates and gets bogged down in confusing plot twists and psychological revelations. The result is a cliché set of characters and plot development that seem taken straight from a bad horror movie. The story requires the reader to suspend all logic to enjoy the conclusion of events, since the big twist at the end is completely nonsensical. This is one of the stories that should definitely vanish.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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