The Exciting Sequel to “Bumped”

By Megan McCafferty

Balzer & Bray, $17.99, 290 pages

Thumped by Megan McCarthy is the sequel to her popular young adult book Bumped. Set in New Jersey, year 2036, Bumped introduced a dystopian society in which a virus of unknown origins rendered all people over the age of 18 sterile. The world’s population begins to decline rapidly and teenagers, especially teen girls, start to sell their bodies and children for fortune and fame, a practice called “bumping” that is not only permitted, but celebrated in a hyper-religious society where women are expected to be devoted, obedient mothers and wives.

In Thumped, the twin 16 year old main characters, Melody and Harmony, are both pregnant with their own set of twins and both share the same due date making them mega-celebrities. Separated at birth, Harmony is a good girl who follows the rules. She feels harassed by the fortune and fame, and wishes she could quietly meld back into her small religious society. The only thing holding her back is her secret love for Jondoe. On the other hand, Melody, who initially basks in her celebrity status and who is also paired with Harmony’s Jondoe, only wishes she could leave him for the man she truly loves. Nothing could make these twin girls more famous than the secret that each of them holds.

Reviewed By Emily Davis

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