White Horse A Novel5stars



All the world has changed, most of all those people who have survived.

By Alex Adams

Atria Books, $19.99, 320 pages

Ninety percent of the world’s population: gone. The disease loosed on society from Pandora’s Box proves impossible to stop. War, pestilence and death break down the society at a global level, leaving survivors haunted or irrevocably changed into something… other. Zoe, a young woman that worked as a custodian at the lab where the virus was manufactured, flees across the ravaged face of a post-apocalyptic world, reflecting on her role in its fall, seeking out the man she loves and a better world for her unborn child. She’s pursued by a violent and dangerous enemy who embodies the brutality of the new world.

Human beings are no longer compatible with life.

In White Horse Alex Adams analyses what keeps us human when the trappings of society are stripped away. Can love flourish in a dying world? Will humanity survive while brutality reigns? While showing the unexpected kindness of strangers this vivid and shocking examination of incest, violence and hope keeps you up late at night under the covers with a flashlight read. An outstanding new talent, Adams gives us a heart-stopping, thrill-seeking, car-crash-mesmerizing fiction.

This is by far the most accomplished book I’ve encountered this year. This is the type of book that reminds readers why they read and makes writers go “darn why didn’t I write that?” White Horse will haunt you long after you close the back cover.

Reviewed By Axie Barclay

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