ZigZag Kids Bears Beware (Book 5)3 star



A Fun Book About Facing Your Fears and Camping

By Patricia Reilly Giff, Illustrated by Alasdair Bright

Wendy Lamb Books, $12.99, 80 pages

Mitchell McCabe is both excited and scared for his first-ever camping trip with the rest of the ZigZag Afternoon Group. His happiness is somewhat deflated when he realizes that not only will he miss part of his birthday due to camping, but that he is paired with Owen, the weird grandson of Mrs. Farelli. Mitchell surprises himself by enjoying the camping trip and learning that even weird kids can be friends.

Bears Beware is a fun book about Mitchell’s first camping trip. It nicely illustrates that camping can be a fun experience, but that being outdoors – especially if you’ve never been camping – can be scary (especially if you believe that bears really are going to get you). The illustrations are fun and go well with the spirit of the book and the story. Younger children will enjoy the story of Mitchell overcoming his fears while on his first camping trip.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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