Basher Go! Go! BoBo Time5stars



Time for Bouncing!

By Simon Basher

Kingfisher, $6.99, 20 pages

BoBo is a busy, busy boy. His day is divided up into several parts: wake up, breakfast, play, lunch, park, dinner, bath and bedtime. Kids will identify with this schedule and draw parallels to their own lives. If only adults could have this schedule too! Basher’s Go! Go! BoBo Time helps young children learn about the concept of time. Each page features a big, bold clock face that changes as BoBo’s day progresses. Basher’s work is becoming more and more recognizable as kids are exposed to his themed books. His use of bold colors and shapes capture the attention of little readers. Little ones will enjoy running their fingers over the smooth pages and each detailed, shiny image. Don’t worry – the chunky board book design will withstand the love of lots of tiny hands. Try to figure out why BoBo has a Band-Aid on his head. Could it be because he bounces and jumps everywhere he goes with the energy of a gazelle and the legs of a kangaroo?

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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