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Ben’s Flying Flowers helps children cope with loss

By Inger Maier, Illustrated by Maria Bogade

Magination Press, 9.95, 32 pages

Ben’s Flying Flowers is a book about children dealing with great loss and grief.  The book begins by introducing loving siblings, Ben and Emily.  Ben, Emily’s little brother, loves to chase butterflies, draw pictures, and do regular little boy activities.  However, when Ben starts getting sick and having to stay home, Emily is a good big sister who watches over him and helps her parents as much as possible. Even with all their efforts though, Ben passes away and leaves Emily confused, sad, and angry. Her parents work with her to understand what has happened and offer her support however they can. As time passes and Emily overcomes the overwhelming feelings of loss she feels, she learns to remember Ben in her own way and keep his memory alive. ||Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very difficult for children. Ben’s Flying Flowers is written by Inger Maier, PhD., and clinical psychologist who has added helpful information throughout the book. She has written guides for parents about helpful things to discuss with their children.  Having a book does help children know they are not alone in their loss, there are others who have felt the same way they do, and that their roller-coaster-ride feelings are natural and part of a process.

The illustrations by Maria Bogade match the delicate tone of the book–muted colors overlaying black and white line drawings keep the images interesting, and highlight certain ideas throughout the pages. I would recommend this book to any family coping with the loss of a loved one.

Reviewed By Sophie Sestero

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