Carve Her Name With Pride4stars



A Worthy Read

By R.J. Minney

Pen & Sword Military, $24.95, 187 pages

The atrocities of the Second World War have been well-documented. Most of us are familiar with the great military battles, underground groups like the French Resistance, secret agents and code makers and breakers. With all that information, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the individual stories of heroism during the war. The reprint of the book, Carve Her Name in Pride gives us the opportunity to read about one woman’s heroism in going behind enemy lines to do her part for the war. The book chronicles the story Violette Szabo, a young French-English woman who began working for the English after the death of her husband. She agrees to embark on missions to France, which eventually leads to her capture and eventual execution by the Germans near the end of the war. Her heroism resulted in her becoming the first woman to receive The George Cross. The writing in the book is old-fashioned and has a definite positive slant to any and all of Violette’s actions and personality quirks. The story, though, is worthwhile and overcomes the drawbacks in the storytelling and Violette’s bravery and spirit shine throughout the book.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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