Everything Goes- Stop! Go!- A Book of Opposites4stars



Awesome Adjectives

By Brian Biggs

Balzer + Bray, $7.99, 22 pages

What better way for a young child to learn about opposites than by comparing cool cars, trucks, trains and other awesome vehicles? Former graphic novel artist and animator Brian Biggs has written and illustrated Everything Goes: Stop! Go!: A Book of Opposites, a fun board book that teaches the difference between concepts like slow and fast. Biggs loves looking at and drawing anything that goes. A blue car driving through mud represents “dirty” while a shiny green car getting a wash represents “clean.” A tiny compact car equals “small” while a huge semi-truck equals “big.” Compare the “many” motorcyclists versus the “few” unicyclists. A “full” truck loaded with chickens is heavier than an “empty” truck. A cheerful ice cream truck playing music is “loud” while a baby carriage carrying a sleeping tot is “quiet.” A police officer waiting to give tickets represents “stop” and speeding car represents “go.” While learning about opposites, beginning readers will also become familiar with new adjectives. Bright, bold colors and thick board book pages make this book a perfect fit for little readers.

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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